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Rick Cee in Hikkaduwa Beach Festival, Sri Lanka on 27/07/12

Rick Cee has been booked to play the Hikkaduwa beach festival, the first was was held in 2008 and continues to grow, with the goal of promoting it as a global party destination, and in order to bring much needed economic relief to the area by increasing room occupancy and bringing in more revenue to all guest houses, restaurants and other small businesses in the area. The first event which was held over five days, was extremely successful. Subsequently, the event has been held in 2009, 2010 and 2011 with varying degrees of success.

During the first three years of the event, a large part of the event has focused on the international DJ’s and the dancers that were flown in especially for the event. In 2011 the emphasis was on Hikkaduwa.

Establish as a premier tourist destination among both the domestic and international tourists.
Portray the Hikkaduwa culture and create an event that truly embodies all aspects of Hikkaduwa
Create an economic growth in the area by increasing room occupancy during the lean season, and employing individuals from Hikkaduwa for all the different components of the event.
Market Hikkaduwa internationally as a renowned party destination.
Promote sustainable activities and empower Hikkaduwa residents to promote tourism right throughout the year
Ensure further regional development by using proceeds from the festival for projects that will enhance Hikkaduwa’s infrastructure.

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